Election Law

Elections are the bedrock of the formation of American government. And so they are subject to considerable regulation and government oversight. Candidates and initiatives must satisfy certain criteria to be placed on the ballot. Money spent must be reported by the appropriate entity, whether a candidate, PAC, political party, or individual. Advocacy speech must meet specific legal requirements. And election officials and voters are subject to legally-required registration and ballot-casting processes.

Milanovich Law, PLLC assists clients successfully navigate and comply with election law. We provide advice on legal questions great and small and litigate election disputes, including:

  • Independent expenditure and contribution reporting requirements,
  • Ballot initiative requirements and processes,
  • Ballot qualifications,
  • Voting rights, requirements, and procedures,
  • Campaign advertising and false or misleading speech,
  • Hatch Act compliance, and
  • Recounts and contests.

We assist clients respond to government investigations and complaints filed against them to ensure constitutionally-privileged information is protected and associational rights are preserved. And where the applicable law does not comply with constitutional guarantees, our firm will protect its clients’ interest through litigation.

Should an election be too close to call, or fraud or other misconduct bring election results into question, our firm can facilitate election recounts and contests.

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