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In any campaign, candidates, PACs, political parties, and even individuals are obligated to follow substantial campaign finance laws and regulations. Citizens United, which rejected government discrimination among speakers by recognizing that free speech rights apply to all speakers regardless of their corporate or organizational structure, has triggered even greater government regulation and has resulted in increasingly complex and complicated requirements on campaign participants. Even individuals with the most tangential of campaign involvement and minimal of monetary involvement can be affected. So even though a political speaker shouldn’t need a lawyer to exercise their free speech rights, campaign finance is rife with legal land mines making legal expertise a necessity.

Milanovich Law, PLLC advises clients on the nuances surrounding candidate, PAC, political party, and individual campaign spending under the law, including:

  • Regulation of contributions and campaign spending,
  • Political committee registration thresholds and requirements,
  • Disclosure and independent expenditure reporting regulations,
  • Donor privacy, and
  • Public financing of campaigns.

We assist clients address and resolve allegations of noncompliance lodged against them with government agencies. And where the law in question violates our clients’ constitutionally-protected rights, our firm defends those rights through litigation.

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